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By Harry E. Tatoian, Jr., D.M.D.
April 23, 2015
Category: Dental Procedure

Scaling and Root PlaningIf your Weymouth dentist has diagnosed you with periodontitis, you might be feeling a little nervous about the prognosis. While periodontitis, a chronic inflammatory gum disease, can lead to major problems like infections and bone or tooth loss, it can be treated with a series of deep cleaning treatments called scaling and root planing to help fight the infection and help the tissue recuperate.

What is scaling and root planing?

Solidified tartar, also called calculus, is what causes periodontitis to develop. Removing the calculus breaks up harmful bacteria that cause gum disease, but normal brushing and flossing aren't enough. This removal technique, called scaling and root planing, is performed at Dr. Harry Tatoian's office by a skilled dental hygienist. A narrow handheld tool is used to scrape the calculus off the teeth and away from the gum line. Since periodontitis often leaves the gums sensitive and inflamed, your Norfolk County dentist can administer local anesthesia to make the procedure more comfortable. If the periodontitis is advanced, you may need to visit the office several times so that each appointment can be dedicated to thoroughly cleaning one particular area of the mouth.

What's involved in aftercare?

Dr. Tatoian may prescribe doxycycline, a mild antibiotic. It helps to inhibit bone and tissue loss and reduce inflammation. It may also be used with a prescription mouthwash that contains antibacterial agents.

How can I prevent this from happening again?

Those who have already been diagnosed with periodontitis are at risk for its return. Diligent dental hygiene will help to keep the bacteria that causes periodontal disease at bay. Brushing gently or rinsing with a hydrogen peroxide solution will prevent the growth of bacterial colonies. This practice should become part of your everyday routine. It's also important to maintain a nutritious diet; one low in refined sugar but high in foods with Vitamin C and Omega 3s to promote healthy tissue growth. These foods include broccoli, tuna, salmon, eggs, kale, and citrus fruits.

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